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“Raven has never had the opportunity to participate in any sports or after school activities due to financial constraints. Being placed in a foster home in a new city has taken an emotional toll on her. Until signing up for karate she slept a good portion of the day and in her own mind had nothing to look forward to. Now immediately after the first lesson she is dedicated to getting in shape and practicing karate at home to be prepared for the next class. Rise Above paid for karate lessons, but more importantly gave a kid, that was used to disappointment, something to finally be excited about.” Raven’s foster parents

“For this youth, Jiu Jitsu has been excellent! Four months ago he was at-risk and has been on the streets for 3 to 4 months. He’d loss 30 pounds. This activity has helped him stay focused and centered.” Child’s case worker
“Thanks again for giving this young foster boy this opportunity that he will always remember….I am sure when he gets back from school vacation he will have something to share with his peers at school that he might not have been able to without Rise Above.”Child’s social worker
“[This youth] was so excited to receive this bike! It will be very useful in helping him to move forward. Your response was exceptional and I was so impressed by the commitment and effort to get this bike for [him].”Child’s case worker
“These opportunities helped two kids stay off the streets and participating in an activity of their choice.”Child’s case worker
“Gymnastics is a wonderful activity for Ellie on so many levels. She gets to run and play and exercise, which she loves, but there is so much more. As part of her gymnastics she is also developing listening skills, following directions, memory for the routines, effort, and self esteem in her successes. She also enjoys socializing with little friends before and after the program… Thank you for this funding, it is greatly appreciated and we think Ellie deserves it.”Ellie’s foster mom

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