Call for video stories


Help us celebrate 10 years of impact by sharing your story! Now through May 5th, we’re collecting stories from youth, foster parents, social workers, mentors and advocates about how Rise Above has made an impact in your life, your child’s life, or a child in foster care who you know.

Shoot a short message (just a few seconds to about a minute). No need to get fancy- a video on your phone is perfect! Let us know how Rise Above helped. What activity did we cover? Why was that important to the youth? How has that activity or experience made a positive change for the youth?

We’ll be sharing some of your stories with our community on social media and our website.

Important: if a child is currently in DCF care and custody, please respect their safety and confidentiality and do include the child in the recording.

Submit your video in two simple steps:
1. Upload your video here.

2. Send us an email at with your full name and email address and/or phone number we can reach you at.

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