Delivered: 268 College Care Packages


In early November we shipped out College Care Packages to 268 young adults who grew up in foster care  and are continuing their education beyond high school. Each care package was filled to the brim with study snacks, candy, hygiene and school supplies, and gift cards.

“Thank you so much for the care package. The lipstick I received is my favorite color to wear! I go to Dunks a few times a week and the $15 gift card helps tremendously with my current financial situation as a student. With how expensive personal hygiene products are, receiving some shampoo, toothpaste, razors, tampons, and pads felt like Christmas!  The package made me feel validated in my efforts to continue my education and start building my own life after being in foster care. It is hard to be at school and not always feel supported by family. This was a very unexpected kind gesture. It made me smile and feel like my efforts are being noticed.”  -Kayla, Westfield State Accounting Student

“I have just received my package!! I have been having a tough time financially with school, work and just tested positive for Covid so todays been stressful. I had a friend get the package from my mail center and it made my day SO much better. The sweet written notes put a smile on my face and I’m so happy I have these fun snacks to help me get through my sickness. Thank you for all you guys do!”  -Aamarys, Worcester State Psychology Major

“I got your package just now and I appreciate all the effort and time put into it. I’ve had such a rough day and had no idea that this was something I’d be getting in the mail. It truly made me feel cared for so thank you so much!” -Alyssa, UMass Dartmouth Political Science Major

“Thank you so much, it was a really nice surprise. I loved everything about the care package, now I have little snacks to snack on when I am at my desk working.” -Yanique, Bunker Hill Community College Liberal Arts Major

“Me and my sister just received the packages, I was sleeping when my sister came with the box, we were excited and we loved the gift. It was great we have never received a box like this before! We loved it, we love chocolate. We just started to eat everything and we are going to watch a movie and enjoy the popcorn. Thank you all for the amazing gift we are so thankful for keeping us in mind.” -Andy, Bunker Hill Community College X-Ray Technician Program

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