The need for Rise Above is greater than ever.


The COVID-19 pandemic is having a serious impact on youth in foster care we serve and is compounding their trauma. Social distancing has torn away the network of supports- therapists, coaches, social workers, teachers, guidance counselors, psychiatrists- that youth in foster care depend on for stability. No longer being able to have visits with biological family members, including siblings placed in other foster homes, is heartbreaking and will set back the healing process for children. And, providing children who have experienced trauma with consistency and routine is crucial and the COVID-19 pandemic is obviously disrupting any established routines.

While most of the types of activities we typically fund- team sports, music lessons, prom, and study abroad programs- are on hold or canceled, Rise Above is rapidly fulfilling requests for things like bikes, arts and crafts supplies and tablets. In fact, since mid-March, Rise Above has helped 950 youth.

“We are stuck inside due to COVID-19 and he just came back into care 2 days before the lockdown. We have very few toys and he said his siblings broke the bike I sent home with him when they were reunified. This will be great to get him back outside to work off some energy during the day.” -foster parents

How can I help?
With over 10,000 youth in foster care in our state, demand for our assistance has skyrocketed. Consider helping us reach our goal by making a donation. Your gift will have a big impact in support kids in foster care during crisis.

How Rise Above can help youth in foster care: 

  • Tablets, Chromebooks, laptops
  • Board games, books and arts & crafts supplies
  • Bikes, skateboards and helmets
  • Gift cards for Disney+ or Netflix

How to request help:
Foster parents, social workers or anyone in a child’s life can make a request using our regular application. We’re working hard to expedite all requests! 

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